Dedication of the Archive Cabinet
January 28, 2018    Archival Updates from Arene Rice


Archives Cabinet Updates from Arlene Rice

3/4/18 - Have you been able to stop and view the contents of our new Archives Cabinet as yet. There is a lovely plaque presented to Zion from Catholic Charities on August 27, 1972. The inscription is as follows:  Asking God’s blessings on the people of Zion Lutheran Church in Milaca whose ecumenical effort provided Key Row Community with the scene site on the banks of the Rum River. Watch each month for my update or stop at the cabinet and be surprised what you may find. 

4/1/18 - Two of our dear deceased members, namely Eileen McBroom and Martha Norrgard, spent many hours to compile scrapbooks for our cabinet. Martha's scrapbook dates from 1893 to 2003 and Eileen's book is titled 80 Years at Zion. Take some time to remove them for an hour or so and enjoy the contents. You will enjoy them immensely. There are many songbooks containing the songs we sang in Sunday School, Confirmation and Luther League. Three of my favorites from the Junior Hymnal are Living for Jesus, Under the Stars and I Became A Christian. The last one was sung at every baptism.       Arlene Rice

Our quilting ladies discovered a numbers of beautiful stoles down in the lower level of our church and we now have them displayed in the archives cabinet.  We have no way of knowing their age but stop and see the embroidery and work displayed in them   There is a small Memorial Plaque on a shelf and on it Is the inscription: Memorial Plaque for the furnishings of the Sacristy (the room behind the pulpit where sacred vessels and vestments are kept). In memory of the departed members of Zion Lutheran Church.  There are 12 names listed, mostly Rosenberg and Peterson families and dates from 1936 to1951. Be sure to stop and see if your loved ones name is printed there.  Arlene Rice

There are two beautiful Eucharistic Chalices given in memory of Mrs. Alec Nelson, dated 1861-1941, on a shelf for all to see in the cabinet. Beside them is a large gold cross that was on our altar at one time and it is in memory of Harold Raymond Anderson, dated 1922-1943, when he was killed in action. It was given by the Henry Anderson family, Henry, Hilda, and their daughters Doris and Sylvia. The Andersons owned the Red and White grocery store in Milaca and there was always a little bag of candy tucked into one bag for the children of the household.

There is a plaque from the Minnesota Legislature presented to Zion Lutheran Church on its 110th birthday on October 31, 2003. Zion Lutheran Church was originally known as the Swedish Lutheran Church. The plaque has the Great Seal of Minnesota and the Seal of Recognition and signed by Sondra Erickson, State Representative.  Arlene Rice 

There is a small cross found in our cabinet in memory of Ramona Florence Wilken given by the Wilken family.  Ramona was a child and died of cancer. She was the daughter of Dorr & Evelyn Wilken and the sister of Mary Siemers.

A large book can be found in the cabinet titled Building the Walls of Zion through 50 years of Grace. 1893 - 1943. The book contains a great amount of information, history and many pictures of interest.

Found on one of the top shelves is a stainless steel ornament given in memory of Pearl Lundholm. Pearl was the first wife of Vern Lundholm who rang the bell for the beginning of our church services for many years.

The archives cabinet is full of information of Zion's past. This year being our 125th anniversary we will again be adding much to it for everyone to enjoy reading.            
Arlene Rice 

Gladys Nelson Rosenberg wrote a book titled “A Century book of Memories” beginning with her parent’s marriage in 1907. Gladys’s family were all members of Zion which included her parents and brothers, Art, George, Knute and Melvin and her sister Ethel Solberg. These are the ones I recall but there may have been more. Gladys lived elsewhere for a time but moved back to Rosenhill Farm in 1973. Her book is full of history, pictures and many stories of interest. Stop and enjoy reading this interesting book located in the archives cabinet. 

The beginning records of Memorials into a permanent book is dated 1962 and the first entry is Eloise Thompson. She was the twin sister of Elinor Thompson Johnson, Zion's choir director for many years. Arlene Rice 


There are seven old hymnals for you to see in our cabinet. The first one is titled "The Swedish Songbook" and dated 1919, Inside the cover I found these words in Swedish “Till här Vondell Brook Kurkam.” The book also notes it is the Augustana Synod. All the songs are in the Swedish language. The second Hymnal is the English Hymnal and was dated April 1925 and published in Rock Island, IL. This one contains scripture lessons and hymns very much like our Hymnals of today. It noted that it was the 16th printing. There are also the Red Hymnal and the Black Hymnal and that one is dated 1958.   I also found a Sunday School Song book dated 1903 and the title was "Söndagsskol bok” (Sunday School Book).

On a shelf there is a little book that is titled “Garden of Poems.” It was given to Warner Dahlin in 1910 from Zion’s Sunday School. The Dahlin’s were very active members of Zion. There was Warner, Edith and Jennie. Edith was my Sunday School teacher at one time. - Arlene Rice 

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