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July 1st

Quasquicentennial Minute – Pastor Carl H. Olson arrived in 1948. He served until 1956. During his pastorate plans were drawn up for a new west entrance. This project was never completed, but a building fund was started. During Pastor Carl Olson’s time at Zion, Clyde N. Norrgard, son of Mr. & Mrs. Verner Norrgard, also accepted God’s call to become a pastor. He graduated from Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas, and attended Augustana Theological Seminary in Rock Island, Illinois. He was ordained on June 17, 1956. His first parish was in Vinton, Iowa.

July 8th

Pastor Carl Olson resigned in 1956. Zion was served by several interim pastors until Pastor Frank Lunn accepted the call in 1957. He served until 1966. During his pastorate, a parish education building was constructed and a new heating plant was installed at the cost of $76,000. When he left, only $8,000 remained unpaid on the building. Pastor Lunn was a good and faithful preacher and an excellent teacher of the Word. He was the first pastor to occupy an office in the new addition(Prior to this time, the off ice ha been in the parsonage.) Later he became pastor of Emanuel in Bock.

July 15th

Pastor Elroy Bloomquist was called and arrived at Zion on February 1, 1967. He served our parish until August 1985, a period of 18 years. This was the longest tenure of any pastor in the parish.

July 22nd

In 1968, Zion celebrated its 75th Anniversary. A new pipe organ was installed in the balcony by the Reuter Organ Company of Kansas. Zion's first pipe organ was installed in October of 1941 and was located in the front of the sanctuary.

July 29th

Quasquicentennial Minute – In the 1970’s Zion underwent many changes. The Sanctuary was completely remodeled, the chapel and the library were finished in the education wing and the kitchen and parlors were also redone. The outside of the building was stuccoed and re-shingled.

July 29th

Professor Mark Granquist, Luther Seminary Speaks Sept. 20 - What is true faith and how do we sustain it amidst the challenges of daily life? Back in the 19th century, our church ancestors also struggled when forming the Lutheran Church in Minnesota. Join us at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, September 20, in Zion’s Fellowship Hall for an evening of “The Immigrants and Their Faith,” presented by Mark Granquist. Granquist is a Professor of the History of Christianity at Luther Seminary, a position he has held since 2007.  Granquist has served in parish ministry as well as Lutheran higher education since his ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America in 1988. He will lead an hour’s discussion on the real people who struggled with their faith while building and maintaining their communities in the midst of a very new and very different world from that of their homeland. We'll look into their lives and their churches, and think about how the ways they dealt with their faith two centuries ago might help us understand our current challenges and questions. Free will offering and refreshments served.


125th Home Hosted Dinner

In celebration of Zions's 125th Anniversary, Mark and Jean Boggs will be hosting a dinner at their home on Saturday, August 18, at 4:00 pm. Please sign up on the clip board during church or call the church office, so they can plan appropriately. Hope to see you there!

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Quasquicentennial Minute

August 5th

 In 1970 Zion had the opportunity to receive 12 acres of land bordering the Recreational Park. Zion decided to turn down the opportunity because of back taxes and assessments but then changed their decision after being approached by Key Row Community Inc. who wanted to build a low income facility on the property. Key Row Community Inc. paid the back taxes and assessments and Zion donated the property to Catholic Charities to build the Key Row Apartments.

"Milaca's Best" Cookbook! Looking for a great recipe for Swedish Meatballs? How about a gift for newlywed?  Or how about just some great  recipes for some "comfort food?" Pick up a copy of Zion's newest cookbook, "Milaca's Best!" This is a 125th Anniversary fund raiser to reduce the debt.

August 12th

Quasquicentennial Minute – In 1979 Zion decided to purchase a bus for $1,600 and to sell the parsonage. Pastor Bloomquist built a home in Milaca. The congregation also decided to sponsor a Hmong family. On March 15, 1980 members drove down with the bus to welcome Lee Pao Yang (28), his wife (26), their three daughters (ages 5 ,3, 1 ½), and his mother (70). The congregation provided housing in the parsonage. They collected household items and furniture, clothing, and money to support the family. Lee Pao Yang was hired as janitor for a short time. When the parsonage was sold in June of 1980 the family moved to St. Paul to be closer to family members. The congregation was given a Hmong needlepoint hanging which Zion still has hanging in the church.

August 19th

Quasquicentennial Minute – In 1979 Zion held its first Santa Lucia Luncheon with the proceeds going to World Hunger. In 1981 Zion and Trinity hired Rick Matthews to work 10 hours a week at each church as Professional Youth Leader. In 1982 Zion purchased a supplemental (gold) hymnal, Hymns for the Family of God, which Zion still has on a cart in the Narthex.

September 2nd

Quasquicentennial Minute – On Aug. 31, 1985, Pastor Elroy Blomquist retired from the ministry after serving at Zion for 18 years. Pastor Terry Morehouse of Trinity Lutheran in Princeton was appointed Vice-Pastor. On January 12, 1986, Pastor Charles Henneman was installed as Zion’s new pastor. He, along with his wife, Karen, and children, Andrew and Stephanie, moved here from Crosslake.

Quasquicentennial Minute

September 9th

In 1987, Zion purchased a van to transport people to church on Sunday mornings and for youth events. Also during this year, two octaves of handbells were purchased with memorial money. The bells were dedicated during the service on October 18th when the Alleluia Ringers gave their first performance under the direction of Barb Nustvold and Laurie Bauck.

Homecoming Sunday: Oct. 21 - On Sunday, Oct. 21, we are hosting a Homecoming Sunday where we would like to invite past members to join in celebrating our 125th Anniversary. A special letter of invitation has been printed. We are asking you to help us reach out to former members by picking up a letter(s) and sending them to friends and relatives formerly of Zion. Copies are available in the bay window. Please write down on the sheet provided, the people that you plan to contact. Thank you!!

As part of our 125th Anniversary Homecoming celebration on Sunday, October 21, we’d like to have a slideshow of photos from Zion’s past.  Do you have photos that we could scan and include? These could be wedding photos, Sunday School pictures, family photos of Zion members from our near and distant past, or pictures of the church building. We can easily scan your pictures with a cell phone and return them immediately to you.  A good time to do this would be during the fellowship hour any Sunday. If you feel comfortable leaving your photos with us to scan, please drop them off at the church office, with Pastor Blenkush, or contact Julia Blenkush (320-336-8480).

September 16th

During Pastor Chuck Henneman's pastorate - in 1989, the congregation approved the establishment of a scholarship for further education, an intern program with Trinity to hire a seminary student intern, Janeva Stromberg, and to purchase an additional octave of hand bells. In 1990, the Sunday School rooms were remodeled and permanent walls were constructed in place of folding walls, the contract with the nursery School which had been at Zion for 15 years, a new sound system was installed, and discussions began with architects on an addition to the church. And...

Quasquicentennial Minute

September 23rd

Also, in March of 1992 the congregation voted to move ahead with plans for an addition to the west and south of the church not to exceed $335,000.

September 30th

Quasquicentennial Minute – In 1993 Zion celebrated its 100th Anniversary with the theme, “Jesus Christ – the same, yesterday, today and forever.” In the summer of that year construction of the new addition to the church began and was dedicated on Palm Sunday, March 27, 1994. On Nov. 2, 1994 Zion held its first Men’s Meatball Supper as a building fundraiser organized by Curt Johnson.

Quasquicentennial Minute

October 7th

In 1995 the stain glassed windows that were removed because of the addition to the church were given to the Good Samaritan Center in Stillwater.

October 14th

Quasquicentennial Minute – In April of 1998 Pastor Charles Henneman resigned as pastor of Zion to serve in the Duluth area. Pastor James Swanson was engaged as interim pastor. The WELCA combined their annual bazaar with the Men’s Meatball Supper.

November 4th

On Sunday, May 2, 1999, Rev. Jon H. Olson was installed as
Zion's new pastor. Under his guidance in 2000, Zion
developed a mission and purpose statement:

 Worshiping the Triune God and celebrating our calling as God's people
 we grow through Word and Sacrament,
show God's love and mercy for all creation,
and sow the Good News of Jesus Christ in our community and world.
Quasquicentennial Minute
November 11th

 On Sept. 23, 2001 a special congregational meeting was held that approved the refinancing of the existing mortgage in the amount of $90,000 for repairs and improvements of the Educational wing reroofing, educational wing hallway re-flooring and vinyl flooring in portion of Fellowship Hall.
Quasquicentennial Minute
November 18th

On Oct. 12, 2003, Zion celebrates its 110th Anniversary with former Pastor Charles Henneman speaking, a lunch and afternoon program. In 2004 Zion approves financing to repair organ, shingle, and carpet education unit. In May work begins on removing asbestos tile and laying carpet. In October, Jan Brown sets up Zion’s website.

November 25th

In 2005, the congregation approved the establishment of an Endowment Fund and Pastor Jon Olson announced he would be resigning at the end of the year. In 2006, Pastor Stephen Blenkush began his call here at Zion with his first service on Ash Wednesday, the congregation approved up to $15,000 on a new sound system, and Zion held its first Lutheran Links Golf Scramble.

Quasquicentennial Minute

December 2nd

In 2008 the congregation purchased the new Evangelical Lutheran Worship (cranberry) hymnal. At a special meeting, the congregation voted down the proposal of purchasing the house and lot on the corner east of the church.

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