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2015 Krumkake Fund Raiser
with seed money from Thrivent
December 3rd
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How to make krumkake, continued:
The krumkake need to cool completely before they can be put into the bakery boxes.
And the 14 hardworking krumkake makers need to have some lunch so they can make more!
We made a LOT of krumkake. 80 dozen. That is 960 krumkake! We had enough to supply those who ordered ahead of time, a few people who wandered through during the baking and rolling and wanted a box, some to serve on the cookie plates at the Santa Lucia Luncheon, 18 boxes to sell at the Santa Lucia Luncheon, and some for the Cheer Baskets.

We are planning to do this again next year, so watch for the announcement.
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