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June 2019
Dear Friends,

Summer is starting in earnest, but with a lot of rain. It’s a chance to work on crafts inside, play a board game or a game of cards, or even read a book (how old-fashioned!). Hopefully in a few days it will clear up. It has been one of the latest, coldest springs I can remember.
But now at last it’s June! My Dad used to say “What is so rare as a day in June?” “Why?” I used to ask him. He’d answer “Because it’s in the 70’s most of the time, and it’s sunny without being so humid or dry.” I hope THIS June turns out like that.
June (and summer) is often a time for churches to shut everything down. Well, that may be true in some churches, or perhaps even this church in the past. But Zion can’t afford to do that this year. If you do, it will set back the call process by at least three months and maybe a year, and I can’t be your interim forever!
June is when the profile committee is formed. The committee writes the Church Information Form (CIF). Once that is approved by the church council, then the synod can start matching Zion with pastors. The call committee interviews pastors. When an interviewing pastor asks you, “What happens at Zion in the summer?”, you can’t answer, “Nothing. Nothing at all. We are too busy for church and worship attendance drops ‘way off until fall. We expect the next pastor to fix that.” (Okay, I HOPE the call committee won’t say that!)

INSTEAD, here’s what the call committee in the fall can say:
We formed an “early faith formation” team in June to work on developing faith from birth to age 18 and beyond, so no age gets lost in a crack between programs.
We looked at worship and worship space to improve it.
We looked at the building and grounds, to make sure it is in good shape when the next pastor comes to call.
Our interim pastor helped each church committee improve and gain energy by deciding the most efficient ways of doing things, so people don’t get burned out.
We brought in 5 new members.
We served food at local celebration on Parade Day June 20th.
We worshiped outdoors in a local park near the river.
Some of us accompanied the pastor on a short canoe trip down the Rum River. (I hope)

GOD IS WORKING IN THIS CHURCH! Don’t say you’re too old or busy or too tired or that it’s simply time to let others do it. We need everybody to help: long-time with decades of experience in this church, and newer members with little experience here, but with great new ideas. If you let others do things, “others” usually won’t.
God blesses a church active at work and play. An active church is a joyful church.
What’s the alternative? Shut up church until fall. HOW would Zion get a pastor if you did that? But you haven’t and you won’t. I know you already, and you will attract a great pastor with your life and fun.
God wants us to have fun, you know. That’s why God made us with a sense of humor. God clearly has one. How else do you suppose giraffes and platypuses got that way?

Blessings, Pastor Glen 

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