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April 2019
Dear New Friends,

This is my first newsletter and usually I introduce myself by telling a little about who I am. I want to get to know each of you personally. My number is 507-269-9079. Please call me and stop in. I’m here 3 days per week plus Sunday; those days may vary due to meetings.

Who am I? I’m a pastor, chaplain (4 hospitals, 3 nursing homes), mediator for churches and couples, writer (devotions for Augsburg and Luther Seminary Website Working Preacher) and woodworker (lathe work). I grew up in Owatonna. My parents were children of the depression, so I was raised on Big Band music. I am the youngest child. My brother is a linguist who works for Wycliffe Bible Translators, and my sister is a geologist, recently retired. My mom was a Home Ec. Teacher and my father repaired TVs and radios. I studied meteorology before I went to seminary. Like most pastors, I also like to read and collect books. I like to cook, and baking bread is a specialty- from scratch, no bread machine. I make candy (fudge, taffy and toffee) and I play piano (poorly, I’m taking lessons).

I have 4 children, two boys and two girls, boy, girl, boy, girl: age 28, 21, 19, 17. My wife is Erika, and she is a fund raiser for churches and other charities. You will see her here occasionally, but not very often because she is in other churches on Sundays.

I’m here to be your pastor at a very special time for your church. Your pastor of 13 years has taken a new call. That makes for some change around here. Whether good or bad, change is coming. There will be a time of reflection on the church and its past, especially its past ministry. Then this church will move into the future with a new pastor and a new vision.

What does that process involve? Well, first there is the mission site profile (MSP) which describes your community, your church, and what sort of pastor you are looking for.  The team doing this will start after you’ve had a couple months to adjust a bit to me and to get to know me. After the MSP is done, then the call committee can be formed and if all goes well, the church will start receiving resumes of pastors (called RLPs, rostered leader profiles, or simply profiles, describing who they are and what sort of church they are looking for). When the call committee has picked a candidate, after a couple other steps the congregation will vote to accept or reject the candidate.

How long will all this take? Well, I’ve been an interim pastor for 20+ years. In the churches I served as interim I have never seen it take less than 6 months or more than two years. But things may be different now. Currently there are about twice the number of pastors retiring than are graduating from seminary. That may mean a longer wait for a pastor than in years past.

What can increase your chances of getting a pastor quickly? Having enthusiastic members with a clear vision, offering a higher salary, being closer to a metro area so the pastor’s spouse can find work, and being willing to consider a pastor who is older or younger than you first thought about. Those churches which are small, hours away from a metro area, have a parsonage and/or expect the pastor to live in the parsonage/town, or who are looking for the “perfect pastor” may wait longer. Milaca is close enough to the Twin Cities Metro that there may be more pastors who are willing to serve the church than points further north.We Lutherans have a system where there can be both supply and demand for pastors.  When I started in ministry I had a hard time finding a church, there were so many pastors. Now new grads from seminary have an easier time.

I look forward to serving you at Zion Lutheran! I have had a very warm welcome here. You are a great church! We will serve our Lord.

Let’s celebrate the grace of Lent and the joy of Easter together.
Blessings, Pastor Glen

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