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Dear Friends,

Here I am at the 6-month mark in my ministry! It’s hard to believe. There are a lot changes around here! Here are four for my newsletter:

1) We will have a family style stewardship service with guitars and singing, friendly to all age members, on October 20. There will be carrot cake fellowship and fun after.

2) Sunday School is going great! We have about 20 kids each week, and plenty of those in church. Thanks to all the teachers and helpers! We are considering once again having nursery care during worship for frazzled parents.

3) The pastor survey is starting, and will continue for the next several weeks. It is important for the profile committee to hear what sort of next pastor you want. Vote early but vote only once per member. It could be that you have several members in your household and any confirmed member can vote.

4) The sidewalk is mostly repaired so the Sunday School door is open again. We are still working on filling a few cracks and lifting the sidewalk on the east (kitchen) door. Thanks to all who have helped, especially those who spent a Saturday cracking old cement.

Some folks have been asking whether I could stay on as pastor. The short answer is probably not. It is a synod policy not usually to allow interim pastors to become the next permanent pastor. Why? Because it would give the interim pastor an unfair advantage in a pastor search. There is a concern that some interims might start angling for the job early on, saying things people want to hear just to get liked and get hired, instead of what they NEED to hear. And if problems don’t get addressed, they usually get worse with time. I’ve had to help clean up such messes before, and it’s very hard.

Another truth is, as much as I like Milaca, my son is in high school and moving here would be very difficult. And living here would leave my wife Erika with a daily commute of 2 ½ hours (round trip) as her work is all over the metro. Much of my mediation work is in Southern Minnesota, and that would be an even longer commute. I am happy to help you for a while (2 years at the longest), but it would be hard to stay. Full-time work as a pastor wouldn’t work for me and my package would be as much as Pastor Steve’s; it might be a burden to the congregation, as well.

I am gradually getting to know you, and I have a few more names down each week. I’m still trying to reach out to folks on Council and in the rest of the church. Thanks for the invitations so far. I’m happy to chat by phone, text or email and would be glad to stop by, too. Just let me know. Please call. My number is 507-269-9079.

Blessings, Pastor Glen

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