Zion Crownicle
July 2020 

Outdoor Worship Service – July 26 at 9 am

To safely and confidently offer a communal worship experience in July, we have reserved the Rec Park Band Shell for 9 am, July 26, for outdoor worship. Bring your lawn chairs, and sing and worship with your Zion family. We will bless and distribute prepackaged Communion during this service. No formal fellowship, and we recommend spacing chairs between families.
We had Worship in the Park on June 28 and had a great attendance! We had Camp Onomia staff with us to sing some camp songs. Following we had a ‘Meet & Greet’ with our pastoral candidate, Sarah Larson.

Youth Caramel Roll Fundraiser
Due to cancellation of the Youth Palm Sunday Breakfast. Youth will be selling caramel rolls on Sunday, July 12, during the congregational vote. Cost for the rolls are $3 for a 2-count package and $5 for a 4-count package. If you would like to preorder to assure availability, please call or text Mary Jo Gruba at 320-224-7895 by Tuesday, July 7.
Drive-By Communion - July 19 at 9 a.m.
If you wish to partake, we will offer drive-by communion from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on July 19, 2020 on 3rd Avenue. Just pull up to the tent for a blessing and pre-packaged communion.

Smart Team

Zion has formed a Smart Team to work on recommendations for re-opening our building. The goal of the Team is to provide a comprehensive plan for reopening the building for small groups and recommendations for in-person sanctuary worship. We want to keep people as safe as possible from the virus. They will look carefully at information from the CDC, the MN Department of Health and the NE MN Synod. Members of the Smart Team are: Randy & Barb Hemstad, Trent Niedzielski, and Shirley Lupke.
We want to thank our members for your patience and ongoing support of the ministry of our congregation. We encourage you to keep Zion, the staff, and council in your prayers. Find ways to safely keep in contact with one another and ways to stay involved: join us weekly at worship on YouTube and read Pastor Glen’s daily devotions.

Pastor's Page

Dear Friends,

No doubt you have heard the news. The call committee has found a candidate for Zion! It’s up to you to make her your pastor. In a couple weeks you’ll vote. Pastor Sarah Larson had a meet-and-greet this past Sunday at our Rec Park worship service. It was a wonderful service and a great chance to say hello.
What happens next? The drive-by vote on both her candidacy and her compensation package. If affirmative, the church extends her a call. Then she has 30 days to decide to accept the call or not (most pastors accept in a matter of hours). It has happened during my interims that pastors decline to be the candidate of choice for the congregation to vote on. But in my 20 years as interim, there’s never been a pastor who has turned down a church I served, if the congregation voted yes.
I also have a 30-day notice, so it’s likely she would start late summer. We have to keep the church rolling until then.
A team of folks will get together to determine when and how the church will next worship in our sanctuary. We can choose to be more cautious than the state allows, but not less cautious. There are several considerations such as worship distance, singing, restroom use, and sanitizer and so on. To my knowledge, at this time, social hour with shared food is off the table. It is a changing situation so stay tuned. Thanks to our team which will be putting in lots of time so we can stay safe.
Until then, we will continue with online worship. Thanks to those who continue to step forward and help. Thanks for your continued support of this ministry (financial and otherwise). The church is doing as well as any can in these turbulent times.
Blessings, Pastor G

Pastoral Acts

Funeral Services:
 On June 15, a Funeral Service was held for Iver Henry Johnson (11.25.1927 - 06.11.2020) at Zion Lutheran with Pastor Glen Bickford officiating.
United in Marriage
 On June 20, David Kiel and Abby Holm were united in marriage with Pastor John Merritt officiating.


The Call Committee has recommended a pastoral candidate, Sarah Larson. “There will be a specially called Congregational Meeting scheduled on Sunday, July 12, from 9 am – noon at church, for the purpose of voting to call a pastor candidate and to vote on the Salary, Benefits & Compensation package. Per Zion’s Constitution, absentee ballots and voting by proxy are not allowed. Information regarding the candidate and the voting process have been mailed to all members. (If you did not receive one, please let the church office know and we will get information out to you). Salary, Benefits & Compensation package will be available on July 12 or earlier if requested. Please make every effort to attend so that we have a quorum for voting. 1. Meeting is July 12 – 9 a.m. to Noon, at the church 2. Drive-by option for elderly or those concerned about health. Walk-in option for those who feel comfortable; Wearing masks encouraged, but not required, and sanitary station will be set up at the back door, BYOP (bring your own pens; but we’ll have sanitary pens also available). 3. Vote will consist of two ballots. The first ballot is yes or no to extend a call to Sarah Larson. The second ballot is to accept the Salary, Benefits & Compensation for the pastor as proposed by Zion Lutheran’s Church Council. A copy will be made available to everyone. 4. An announcement will be sent out following the ballot counting.

Want to be a more effective Steward? Consider Simply Giving -What is Simply Giving? Simply
put it is a means to have your offering debited directly from your bank account as you do with other monthly drafts? Zion Lutheran offers electronic giving for those of you who wish to have your contributions transferred electronically to the church’s account. Contact the Church Office for more details 983-3368.
Want to Give Right Now? Try your smartphone! Start by downloading a QR code reader for your phone and then scan and the QR Code will take you to the Zion’s site on GiveMN. It is easy and helpful. Give it a try!

Memorial / Honorarium Gift was given in memory of Iver Johnson, by Daniel & Julie Sowles.

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Zion Lutheran Church, Thank you for choosing me for a Zion Lutheran Church Scholarship. The scholarship is going to help me out tremendously next year at the University of Wisconsin – Superior. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Miranda Broberg

On The Lighter Side
 Dentist's Hymn: "Crown Him With Many Crowns"
 Contractor's Hymn: "The Church's One Foundation"
 Baker's Hymn: "I Need Thee Every Hour"
 Weather Forecaster's Hymn: "There Shall Be Showers of Blessings"
 Optometrist's Hymn: "Open My Eyes That I Might See"
 Tailor's Hymn: "Holy, Holy, Holy"
 IRS's Hymn: "All To Thee"
 Shopper's Hymn: "By and By"

Highlights of the Church Council Meeting
(Complete minutes & financial statements are posted on the kiosk in the upper Narthex.)
Members Present: Ardy Becklin, Glen Bickford, Cindy Biederman, Deb, Ellingson, Leah Hjort, Jeannie Manthie, Christine Nelson, Dan Niedzielski, Mary Rice, and Jim Schmidt.
The Church Council met on June 18, 2020, at church. The Treasurer reported receipts of $16,070 and disbursements of $14,069 for May 2020 leaving a balance of $9,214. The balance in the Special Fund account the end of May was $64,748.
Brad Maitland, Call Committee Chair, informed the Council that the Call Committee unanimously recommended that we extend a call to pastoral candidate, Sarah Larson.
Old Business:
Local Links – Zion’s phone and Internet provider has been changed to Milaca Local Links.
New Business:
Camp Onomia – MM/S/C to give the remaining $2,500 designated for missions to Camp Onomia.
Smart Team – Each congregation needs to form a Smart Team to determine the best and safest way to return to worship and building use. We will contact the members who volunteered to be on the Smart Team on the “Getting Back to Church” survey. The committee will put together recommended policies for the church board to approve.
Church Directory – It was suggested that we think about doing a new church directory.
Call Process – The Church Council will have to present the benefits and salary package to the pastoral candidate, the figures agreed to in for the 2020 budget and the Gold health package.
Memorial – Money has been given for shrubs and landscaping outside the church so the council will look into find for someone to do the work.
Property – The Property Committee will be working on power spraying the outside stucco and John Glauvitz has been filling in the cracks between the sidewalks to prevent moisture building up underneath.
Worship & Music – We have outdoor services scheduled once a month at the Band shell in Rec Park during June, July, and August.
The next Church Council meeting will be held on Thursday, July 9, 2020, at 6:30 pm at church.

Zion Lutheran Church Council – 2020
President – Dan Niedzielski Vice President – Christine Nelson
Secretary – Mary Rice Treasurer – Ardy Becklin
Cindy Biederman Leah Hjort Jim Schmidt
Deb Ellingson Jeannie Manthie Andrea Swenson
Mary Jo Gruba Michael Weyer
Health & Prayer Concerns - If you know of anyone who is ill, hospitalized, or in need of pastoral care, please call the church office at 320-983-3368. The Zion Prayer Chain may be activated by contacting Jan at janbrown@milaca.net or texting or calling 320-362-1181, or calling the Church Office and leaving a message on the Prayer Chain Voice mail. Prayer requests may be included in our online service on Sunday morning by contacting the church office.

Keep In Your Prayers
+ Those in need of Health, Healing and Guidance: Patrick Gunnink; take away the fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation from people receiving treatment or under quarantine for the Coronavirus. Protect their families and friends and bring peace to all who love them; all who’ve been hurt, displaced, grieved and in any way effected by war and disasters in the world.
+ Remember: in prayer our homebound members and nursing home & assisted-living residents: Lloyd Anderson, Dean Fransen, Lyle Fylstra, Mavis Holter, Bob Johnson, Grant Magnuson, Marlys Santema, Becky Weidenhamer.
+ Those serving in the Mission Field: Pastor Linda Johnson Seyenkulo, who is serving in Liberia.
+ Support: Members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families: Reece Sandberg, Joelle Knapp, and Jack Knapp.
+ Comfort: for the family of Maxine Gruba as they mourn her death.

July Birthdays:
3 - Glen Bickford
4 - Bob Giese
8 - Lisa Sauer
9 - Steve Swenson
10 - Jeannie Manthie
11 - Jim Soderlund
13 - Ryan DeBoer
14 - Dean Fransen, Travis Lubrant, Sidney Wiedewitsch
15 - Jennifer Warne
16 - Naomi Trail
17 - Jason Forsland
18 - Judy Muller
21 - Ethan Maitland, Ethan Zajac
22 - Bonnie Giese
23 - Carrie Fanum
24 - Linda Ramson 26 - Krista Anderson, Andrew Vokes
27 - Don Hunt
28 - Dalton Larsen
29 - Sue Siemers
31 - Brian Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Carl Nelson
10 - Jeremy & Andrea Mikla
15 - Merle & Jackie Hasz
18 - Troy & Shirley Lupke, Harry & Laura Moses
23 - Dale & Stacey Picotte
27 - Ryan & Jessica DeBoer
28 - Randy & Barb Hemstad
30 - Bruce & Michele Hoskins
31 - Darwin & Jeannie Manthie

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