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Letter from Pastor Glen
May 11, 2020

Dear Friends,
Last week’s snow and freezing temperatures were a nasty surprise. This week, I pray we get into warmer and sunnier weather.
Thanks to all the grads and parents who served drive-by cake yesterday (this past Sunday), and thanks to other members for setting things up! It was a group effort. We had all but one of Zion grads at church on Sunday, serving with masks and gloves. It was great to talk with them. Four of the six had scholarships from Zion for school next year. One of them, Grace, will be going to the same school as my son Ethan (U of M Mpls.), and even the same major (Psychology). Thanks to all those who drove by and left cards and even chocolate! It was a cold day to get out for everyone.
As of this writing, we are scheduled next week to start opening the church building at times during the week, and I will be receiving people in my office on Wednesdays, and perhaps Thursdays also. Karen may be in, but she has all of her stuff at home, so for now, it’s easier for her to work mostly at home. John, since he can’t work from home has been working at Zion as allowed by the Governor’s order. He has nearly gotten caught up with the list of extra things he simply hasn’t had time for in ordinary times. Good work, John!
But having the building open will not mean Sunday worship. Venues such as concerts, sporting events and churches will be the last to open. Best case, I have heard that we may be allowed to meet outside this summer (or even inside). But we may have to suspend church building services in fall until any “second wave” of Coronavirus passes. Worst case, we won’t be able to meet together in church together until a vaccine is common, up to a year from now. We’ll see and I’ll keep you informed.
These are the times which try all our patience! Keep the faith!

Blessings, Pastor Glen

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