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Letter from Pastor Glen
May 20, 2020

Greetings Friends,
It has been over 6 weeks since we started dealing with Coronavirus. I have written over 50 daily devotions to you, and I have recorded many services with the help of so many others, especially Jeremy Mikla who puts in quite a few hours putting services together smoothly on video.
At last it’s truly spring and maybe even summer, with some days approaching 80 degrees coming soon! It will be nice to be able to get outside in God’s creation! For most folks, just getting out with all the green and sun and breeze makes us feel better.
How many other things have we learned that will make us feel better? I reorganized my garage yesterday. I play familiar piano pieces and read familiar books. I find myself thinking about Scripture even more than usual. I have taken up tennis with Erika (which is great except I have tennis elbow now). We take long walks together with April. We are teaching our dog April some new tricks, and she is happy we are home so much. Even being able to go to stores together can be comforting, since we have so seldom been places in the last few weeks.
I’m sorry about the passing of Shirley Hoskins. Let’s keep her family in our prayers. Her funeral will be rescheduled to later. My son Ethan graduates soon (May 27) and we have had to postpone his party. My daughter Lexi often teaches snowboarding out west this time of year, but she has had to postpone that. So many things put on hold. Yet God’s love is not, and many of the simple pleasure of life are still here. Home cooking and baking are surging, and traffic when we go out is manageable, even in the cities. We can even meet in smaller groups. I pray you are well and your spirits are well also, Blessings,

Blessings, Pastor Glen

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