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Letter from Pastor Glen
May 31, 2020

Zion Council, along with worship and music committee, is still trying to figure out forms of in-building worship. Coffee hour with joint refreshments will likely be even later.
It will take time to return to normal. As of this time, there are "hots spots" of the virus as close as 30 miles away from Milaca. COVID-19, while it is as mild as the seasonal flu in some folks, is different than the flu. It has been reported that some younger MN folks (30's and 40's) have died recently, including a couple without any prior health issues. It has already killed more Americans than the common flu does each year, and many more are expected to die. I don't want to scare anyone, but we simply don't know yet how much worse it will get. 
Many older members have told me they would not attend an indoor service at this time. If we held in-house worship now, some who are frail might be encouraged to attend. I would feel horrible if anyone got sick or worse from a Zion service. I guarantee Zion will return to sanctuary worship. We simply don't know when.
We have scheduled outdoor worship at a local once in June and once in July. Outdoors, the virus is much less likely to spread. Not sure if any unusual measures for those services will be in place. We'll see. I am looking forward to those services and to seeing you.
I pray with you that this plague will end, and for you as restrictions take an emotional and economic toll. We are still the church.
Pastor Glen

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