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Letter from Pastor Glen
April 30, 2020

Dear Friends,
Here it is, the end of April! What have you been doing with yourselves during this time?
My days have gotten into a rhythm. I get up, pray, study Spanish (15 minutes per day), get breakfast, and write a devotion for the church. I may start a batch of bread. Wednesdays and Thursdays I have meeting with other pastors (interims, conference and text study). I work on my sermon, monthly newsletter, weekly letter, or talk to members. A couple days a week I may have mediations. When the governor is on, I’m often listening to updates. I’m in contact with leaders and staff quite often.
Wednesday mornings I practice my sermon and polish the service. I head to the church and then record Sunday’s service with a different small group of people each time. It takes a while to switch over to a camera, instead of a sanctuary full of friends. I’m used to it, but prefer groups more (all in good time).
If I have extra time, I play tennis with Erika, split wood with a splitting maul or wedges and sledge. I may play piano, read or reorganize my house. It is cleaner than it has been in years!
Sundays I watch myself on YouTube lead a service with Erika. It is fun to be able to sit at her side in worship, but tough to be worshipping without any of you.
I think with sadness at all the celebrations in May we will have to postpone or change dramatically: Mother’s Day, Graduation Sunday, My sister’s birthday, and my son Ethan’s graduation party.

Blessings, Pastor Glen

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