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Letter from Pastor Glen
June 12, 2020

Dear Friends,
Greetings in the name of Christ! It is hard to believe I’ve had so many weeks of online services. Thanks to Jeremy and April and so many others who have made these services possible. I have written almost 80 daily devotions to share with you. Hopefully we can start indoor services before too long, and don’t forget the service at Milaca bandshell on June 28. We’ve scheduled one in July also and likely have one in August, as well.
Wherever you are, you can still be the church, even though all of us miss seeing many of the ones we love, and having to be so distant. What have you done lately to help someone? I was pleased to help with a food supply chain at one of Erika’s clients, an inner city school this past weekend, as I had the week before. Many more grocery stores are open in South Minneapolis now so this outreach ends with last weekend’s distribution. I was heartened by the number of volunteers to help. Other area schools and churches also distributed food and other essentials to those in need. The pandemic and the riots hit that area hard. It is so often the poor that suffer the most in hardship. That’s why Jesus spoke so often about the need to reach out to them.
In the midst of demonstrations and pandemic, it is easy to forget the ordinary work of Zion Lutheran. The call committee’s work continues. It has been allowed by the synod with a few restrictions. Most often, the call process ends in the summer, so I expect an announcement in the next few weeks. You are a wonderful church and I’m sure your committee will pick a fine permanent pastor. Remember to pray for them. I pray for all of you often. Please pray for me.
 6/12/Until We Meet Again, Pastot Glen

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