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Letter from Pastor Glen
June 2, 2020

Dear Friends,
Here we are in June, and things are changing for the better. Restaurants are opening up for outside service, and it is warm enough to enjoy eating outside.
It is also warm enough to have an outdoor service. We will have one together at the bandshell on June 28! Neither the governor nor the bishop want us to share coffee or food at this time, however. So bring your own beverage and any snack you want after the service. We will have communion, I think, but it will be prepackaged (latest guidelines for communion). If we get the communion sooner, we might try drive-by communion.
One other bit of good news involves the search for a pastor. The search process for all churches needing a new pastor was on hold because the synod was not allowing face-to-face interviews. Nor was it allowing the possibility of accepting a new pastor without seeing him or her first. Now things are different. There have been meet the pastor events outside with masks on, and congregational meetings like a drive-in movie. So the call process can move forward at Zion and it can be finished even without things getting totally back to normal.
I am hoping to have a blessing-of-the-animals service this summer, as well. Not sure how it will go, but will keep you informed. Our animals have certainly enjoyed having us home. They may think we have finally understood that masters are supposed to be home most of the time! While we have been away from our families ‘way too long, at least our furry and feathery family can be with us 24-7.
Please call me if you want to chat. I miss the chance to keep up with you as I did before. My cell is 507-269-9079.

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