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Letter from Pastor Glen
July16, 2020

Greetings in the Name of Christ!

Commentators have all been talking about 2020. What a year it’s been! The virus, and information about the virus, seems to be changing all the time, as we learn more about the virus, and the virus itself keeps changing.
We are learning a lot more about how to cope, as a nation, state, church, and family. Shortages are less acute, and supply chains better. Masks are a bit less political, and people are more accepting of people’s choices in the matter, in places where it isn’t mandated. I keep mine in my car to use when needed. I have noticed differences in my family, as well. We are using soap at twice the usual rate, and we have very few visitors here. When we do, they walk around to the back yard and we sit outside. Other changes are harder to deal with. It is strange having just one dog after our beloved Poco the Chihuahua die recently. Erika’s cousin is dying as well. We’ll be “empty nesters” in a month when our youngest, Ethan goes off to University of MN.
The church is changing. I will likely be leaving soon. Nobody knows for certain what the next few months will bring, but I feel very good about Zion right now. You have extended a call to a pastoral candidate, there are more stable finances, many of the building issues are getting taken are of; all these things are to the good. And I believe you will do well, despite the virus.
These may be challenging times, but the church has survived world wars and depression and way back, the Christian church survived horrible persecution and the decline of the Roman Empire. God’s church will survive and thrive because Jesus Christ is its head.

Blessings, Pastor Glen

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