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+Bishop Thomas Aitken's

Pastoral Message


A Message from +Bishop Aitken on weekly worship:

Dear Synod:

 What a privilege, once again, to worship with you on July 5th. Jesus' challenge and promise of unconditional love for all of us in today's Scripture and his willingness and promise to lighten our burdens, spoke through your sermons and liturgy to my heart.

Here's what I heard from several of you this morning by way of online worship:

Change is inevitable – it is our experience of it that determines whether it can be life-giving or heart-breaking. It doesn't take much imagination to remember the past, and even less to stubbornly demand we return exactly to it. Yet, the Church has always experienced change, something we often forget to acknowledge, to our own detriment. We all have our burdens, some of them far less than other people in our society. Perhaps one of the new challenges is to silence the insistence that the old days were better.

 The time is now.

 Perhaps we are being refined in a holy fire, maybe we need to suffer death before new life comes. Jesus invites us to come to him, wherever we are today in our faith and life. Draw your strength from Christ and you will bear fruit in his name. No matter your woes, you cannot stop his love and care for you.

 You strengthened me today, dear congregations. Many thanks for your fine witness. Carry on during this pandemic - just as faithfully as you are already doing, good and faithful congregations in the Northeastern Minnesota Synod.

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