Mission Trip to Honduras


Mission Trip
to Honduras

From Ardy Becklin:

Prior to going on the mission trip to Honduras I wondered what I would be doing. Primarily this was a medical mission with three doctors, four RNs and several LPNs plus a few gophers like me. Some had been given five talents, some two and others only one. What would I do with what God has given to me?

My job turned out to be the parasite person.  I gave parasite medicine to every person that came to our clinics (except the women who were pregnant). Two large awful smelling pills to anyone over 60 lbs, one pill to anyone 30 to 60 lbs and 1h pill to those under 30 pounds. I also had to weigh anyone under the age of 18. That meant I got to hold all the babies! I weighed the babies by weighing myself first and then taking the baby from the mother to be weighed. They were so sweet I did not want to give them back immediately. Needless to say I was very busy but had time to give out hugs to most people. Love is the one language that all people understand. Hugs, kind words and smiles seemed to bring much joy to them and I received so much more than I gave.

    The days we had clinics brought people walking many miles dressed in their best clothes and waiting patiently for hours in the hot sun to see a doctor or receive medicine. The children were so wonderful and well behaved. Many babies were seen. One had a temperature of 104.4 and was waiting in the hot sun! Dogs came and went freely in the clinics. We even had a mother hen at one clinic as she had her nest and eggs there. The sad thing at the end of the day was that some had to be turned away to walk home and return the next day. One person was at the gate at 7:00 AM and saw the doctor at 6:00 PM. Some of the evenings we counted pills to replenish our pharmacy (everyone helped). Beanie Babies were given to the children after their doctor visit. The children hugged them so much and their smiles were such a blessing. Mothers were overjoyed to receive six or less diapers made from our old t-shirts.

Some of the people on our team worked making walkways setting paving stones in sand. The pavers were made there one at a time. Sand had to be sifted by hand and mixed with water and cement. It was scooped up and put into a machine that compressed it to make a paving brick. This one paving brick was lifted out by hand and laid to dry for 48 hours. After dry they were wheel barrowed quite a distance to be laid in the walkways. Walter and Samuel were the local masons and welcomed all the help especially from Pastor Steve as he was the main Gringo helper mason.

We also visited schools where we gave parasite medicine to the students, an orphanage and the general hospital. Hats and beanie babies were given to the children in the hospital. On Sunday we attended church at a Lutheran Church where the people were so wonderful.
There is so much poverty in the world that some would say, "How can we make a difference?" I know it made a difference to the 1146 people we saw in the Honduras clinics. It also made a difference to Walter and Samuel to have help making paving stones one at a time!
><> Ardy Becklin <><

Honduras Review: April 29 - Come hear about the 2007 Mission Trip to Honduras! Between Ardy, Georgia, Dave and Pastor Blenkush there are stories to be told and pictures to share. The Honduran Review will take place between services -  9:15-10:15 am

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