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Prayers and Thoughts for the Week
The Time after Epiphany

Morning –  Enlivening God, each morning I am awakened by your goodness nudging the earth to life. I am filled with wonder. Your steadfast love extends to the sky, your constancy reaches to the clouds. How precious is your steadfast love! It shines like the dawn, and dews the desolation of my soul. Manifest in me the gifts of your Spirit that I may rejoice in you as I delight in serving your world this day. Amen.

Evening – As evening falls and darkness shutters the day, do not forsake us, O God. Crown the sky with jewels of light that your salvation may burnish the heavens and illumine the earth, and all find refuge in the shadow of your wings. Amen.

Questions for Reflection – The Holy Spirit enlivens each of us with unique gifts that nurture faith and serve the common good. To identify those gifts, we can ask ourselves such questions as, “When do I feel most alive? What do I love to do? What things, tasks, or actions fill me with a sense of purpose? What am I doing when time seems to stand still? These questions help us discern the Spirit’s movement in our lives. Created in the image of God, each of us is uniquely gifted to reveal divine likeness. When our deep joy is united with meaning and purpose, vocation is birthed. How or where is God calling you

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