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Prayers and Thoughts for the Week
The Time after Epiphany

Morning –   Holy One, thank you for the gift of this new day. Help me to stay attentive to your creation and mindful of your teachings as I travel through it. Empower me to see and spread the good news of your grace for all people. Amen.

Evening –Holy One, thank you for the gift of today. Thank you for all the ways that I saw your glory and learned your teachings, beyond speech and words, in the course of this day. As I drift to sleep this night, draw me closer to you, my rock and my redeemer. Ame

Questions for Reflection –  The Old Testament “year of jubilee” to which Jesus refers in his first sermon—what some have called his “mission statement”—was a time set aside every fifty years to forgive financial debt and redistribute the land among the people. Why do you think God envisioned a year of jubilee, and what might that look like in our world today?

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