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Zion is now supporting Rev. John Lunn as our missionary. He is a member of Zion and  served the ELCA's Global Missions as administrator of Phebe Hospital in Liberia for two years. John's training as a registered nurse helped him in this work as he was able to understand the working of a hospital and the needs of the staff.

Currently (as of Spetember 2008) Rev. John Lunn is back in India working with the Palliative Care Unit at Christian Medical College, which he helped develop.  His new focus is palliative education and further development of the spiritual care aspects of that.  (Palliative Care addresses the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of a person in the final stages of their life.)  Rev. Lunn is also involved in some health care ministries in Lutheran Mission Hospitals in India and Liberia. 

John is the son of the late Rev. Frank and Ione Lunn and grew up at Zion.

John left in September 2006 to begin his work at Phebe Hospital which is located near the town of Gbarnga in the Bong Province of Liberia which is inland in the hilly rain forest area of the country. Phebe is one of two Lutheran hospitals in Liberia - the other is Curran Hospital which is north of Phebe in the town of Zorzor. (Check the map)  Liberia went through 14 years of civil war between 1990 and 2004 and although recovery has begun, there is much work remaining. The country has been without electricity since 1990 - Phebe Hospital has a generator to supply their needed power but only essential area have electricity during the daylight hour. The rest only have power at night. Much of the infrastructure was destroyed. Phebe Hospital was invaded and occupied and looted and mostly destroyed. A lot of rehabilitation has been completed but there is still a lot more to do. John's job was to keep the hospital going, get it back to where it was before the war damage, and help train Liberian personnel to take over the administration of the hospital. For a recent video of Liberia, visit Cuttington University's web site and look for the video made by Trinity Church of NY. This university is about a mile from Phebe Hospital.

One of the first priorities - right after fixing the big generator and the only X-ray machine - was establishing a reliable and affordable connection to the Internet which allows the doctors to consult with other doctors around the world and makes getting supplies faster and easier and allows long distance learning opportunities for students in nursing and lab programs. It also allowed John a more reliable email connection with us here! Read his monthly reports.

Read more about Phebe Hospital on the ELCA  Liberia Support page.

Please consider giving $20 for a week's worth of support for John's work. The web site will try to keep you up to date on his activities. He does email the web master (his sister Jan Brown) regularly!

See photos of Global Health Ministries loading a shipping container of supplies for Liberia and those supplies being unloaded in Monrovia.