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A Letter from Pastor Glen

Below is a letter from Pastor Bickford. His sermon for March 22nd is here.  If you want to contact the church office with information or questions, please send your emails to this address secretary@zionmilaca.org. I am not able to access the Frontier account from my home computer if that should become necessary.

Thank you, Karen


Dear Friends,

 It is Saturday in Lent and, quite honestly, it feels strange. No Holden prayer last Wednesday and no service tomorrow. Has such a thing ever happened in the church before? Not in my experience.

 I would love to talk to you face-to-face to see how you are doing and give you hugs to reassure you. I wish we could gather together as churches have done in every other crisis in memory. But it's not to be, at least for a while yet. I encourage you to use telephone and internet to stay connected. Isolation is difficult.

 This Sunday, my written sermon will be on Facebook and the church website. Council and I have decided to record  shortened Wednesday evening  and Sunday services next week with a couple of people to put on our website, Facebook and YouTube. Jeremy Mikla will record it for us.

 My hope is to continue to do this weekly until the virus has passed, unless we get an order to shelter at home. If that happens I will try to record something from home.

 It is a trying time to be church, but there have been trying times for Zion before. It has survived a Depression and two World Wars. This feels different because few have memories of earlier epidemics in this country. I'm certain those that Zion members who were alive during the  1918 flu would be able to tell us stories of God's goodness during that epidemic. God will care for his church.

 Some of you have wondered about how to send offerings. The best would probably be electronic means, either through your bank or the church website. Mail would be another option. How blessed we were to have paid off the line of credit before this hit!

 The Council has decided Sundays the building will be locked but staff and I can work (alone) during the week as usual, until told otherwise. Then we will work from home as we can.  Please call if you want to see us or have needs. 

 I may not be able to see you in person, but know that I pray for you. Please feel free to call me at 507-269-9079. Let me know your concerns; I want to help.

 God's Love (and mine) to All of You,

 Pastor Glen

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