Zion Online A Few Random Acts of Kindness

Here's a kind web site with ideas for Fathers' Day

Pick up trash at a local park.

Anonymously pay a friend's parking ticket.

Volunteer to coach or be an assistant coach for a youth sports team.

Have your children set up a lemonade stand, car wash or dog wash and give the proceeds to a charity.

Anonymously order a maid or Merry Maids to clean a single parents house or do it yourself  if possible.

Secretly put a plant on a neighbors porch.

Surprise your significant other or a friend with a picnic one afternoon .

Wash someone's car or windows when they aren't home.

Mow a neighbor's yard or secretly weed their garden.

Drop off or send anonymous flowers with a note explaining why that person is special.

Cook a meal and drop it off for a single parent or busy family.

Offer to baby-sit for free one night.

Secretly drop off concert tickets, movie tickets, or tickets to the zoo for a friend or neighbor.

Put up a bird feeder at a local park.

Pay for someone else's gas or car wash.

Take a friend out for ice cream.

***If you have more ideas for Random Acts of Kindness, send us an email and they will be added to the list!


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