Rev. John Lunn
Mission:International Coordinator of the
Lutheran Global Health Volunteers Program

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                              Mount Mero         

John has returned to Vellore India and his work as the International Coordinator of the Lutheran health Volunteers Program.

John's mission is to match ELCA medical volunteers with situations where their skills and talents will be best used beginning with Tanzania, India, and Liberia and expanding to several other countries in the future. Read more about this in John's August 2012 newsletter. 

John will spend time in Liberia, India and  Tanzania. There are about 427,000 people in Arusha which is where he will base his Tanzanian ministry to several Lutheran Hospitals around the country. Arusha is situated at the base of Mount Mero and has an excellent view of Mount Kilimanjaro. Arusha is known as the gateway to the northern safari circuit, so there are a lot of tourists. Arusha sits on a plateau in the Great Rift Valley and is close to the Serengeti Plains, the Ngorogoro Crater, Lake Manyara, and the Tarangire National Park. The temperatures in Arusha are low 90s during the day and high 60s to low 70s at night. It's winter in Tanzania now, so the temperatures are in the 70's during the day and 50s at night in Arusha.

John spends some time each year in Liberia, visiting hospitals and finding their needs. The two hospitals John helps there are Curran and Phebe Hospitals, both of which were hit hard by the recent Ebola outbreak. LWR sent protective gear and supplies for the medical staff and you can help with these kind of needs.

 You can read more about his past ministry in India and Liberia in the archives of the monthly newsletters. John's monthly newsletters begin with September, 2008. See more photos of Vellore and other parts of India. See some photos of the August 16, 2009 Church Retreat where John's birthday was celebrated. And a few photos from his Australian vacation.

         CMC Hospital
Christian Medical College in Vellore India

John and Reena
    John and Dr. Reena George at CMC

In India, John's base is in Vellore- - a city of about half a million people in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. The Christian Medical College (CMC) and the hospital are the top medical institutes in India. From Vellore, John travels to several other Lutheran Hospitals in India.

During John's previous years at Christian Medical Center in Vellore India, he helped develop a Palliative Care Unit and then taught others to teach palliative care. He worked with Dr. Reena George to put together a team of doctors and nurses and a social worker to see outpatients and make home visits to dying patients. Palliative care - also known as hospice care - has been John's special interest for many years. It combines his training as a nurse with his calling as a pastor.

Read more about John's time in India in the newsletter archives.

Phebe Hospital
        Phebe Hospital in Gbargna, Liberia

Dental clinic
          The new dental clinic at Phebe
John spent two years as administrator of Phebe Hospital - 2006-2008. During his stay in India, John spent two to three months each year in Liberia working with Phebe Hospital and Curran Hospital - the Lutheran Mission Hospitals in  Liberia. He was able to concentrate on  creating new programs for the two hospitals rather than having to worry about the day to day running of Phebe.

The dental clinic  is an example of a new program John has gotten started this year. John's additional experience as a registered nurse has been very useful in this ministry. John and Edna from Curran Hospital began a Ph.D program in Nursing Education in Monrovia and the first class will graduate in August 2012. Read more about Curran Hospital and the Ph.D program. Read more about John's time at Phebe in his monthly newsletters from February 2007-August 2008. Learn more about Phebe Hospital and about Liberia or see photos of Liberia.

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