Youth News
for Zion's "Youtherans"

Advent PLUNGE!
December 7-8

December High School Retreat:  – December 7-8 for grades 9-12 at Camp Onomia –We are hosting a special event for all high school youth who want to be engaged in a fun weekend at Onomia! It is Advent and we will dig into the Bible to see what the coming of Jesus as a baby is really all about. Great activities, deep conversations on faith issues. Meet up with some friends at camp for a special weekend away and PREPARE for Christmas in a whole new way. Cost $75. 

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October 27th

Affirmation of Baptism: Oct. 27 -

In Holy Baptism God used water and the Word to make the following students Children of God: Brady, Owen, Dillon, and Nicole. Today they will stand before God and all gathered in worship to say their “Yes!” to what God did in Jesus for them.

Confirmation supper for confirmands, family, and their mentors is the night before, October 26th, at 6:00 p.m. October 27th will be a great time to see and hear the faith of the next generation of Christians.

Congratulations to
Zion's Graduates

Congratulation Graduates! On Sunday, May 12th, three of Zion’s youth gathered for worship and we had the opportunity to offer our blessings and prayers as they venture forth to where ever God leads them.   

These three exceptional young women  will be going to college. One plans to be a veterinarian, one wants to be a writer, and one plans to be a genetic councilor.

Graduates received a hand-made quilt from Zion’s Quilters as a gift. A scholarship from Zion Lutheran was awarded to one graduate.. May God bless each of our graduates as they celebrate this milestone and as they venture forth to serve their neighbors in need and continue to grow in faith.
                               Faith 5
     Family Time

Faith 5 Family Time is a devotional format developed by Pastor Rich Melheim for families to share, read, talk, pray, and bless each other. Through the Confirmation Ministry, we are encouraging you to adopt this practice. Each week at Confirmation, your child will receive a handout that will provide guidance for four days a week. It can be shared at a variety of times – dinner, end of the day before heading to bed, in the car, or anytime you can bring the family together. It may take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of your family and the depth of the conversation. It is hoped that this may become a regular part of your family faith life, drawing you close to each other and to God. Each week a guide sheet will be sent home with our Confirmation students. The scriptures parallel the Gospel of Luke readings we are doing in class. For more information, visit Faith 5's web site.


        Outdoor                Ministries

Did you know that when a child spends a week at Church/Bible Camp, faith is lived out every hour of the day? Unlike most places we spend out time, campers are drawn into the ritual and rhythm of faithful life together. Want to make a difference in the life of our youth? Encourage them to attend one of our Lutheran Bible camps and/or be sure to support Zion Camperships and help make it financially possible for a child to go to camp this summer. 

                    Why Go          Lutheran?


  Are you, or someone you love, searching for a college or university to attend? If so, check out the new video “Why Go Lutheran?” and its website WhyGoLutheran? The 3-minute video is not your typical recruiting film. It’s a clever animation that lays out all the reasons why a student should “go Lutheran.”

You can go to camp! We encourage our youth to go to attend our Lutheran Bible Camps and experience the love and power of God is new ways. Zion offers camperships to its younger members to help make camp a possibility for everyone. Pick up a Campership form, fill it out, and return it to the church office - one form for each child. The church treasurer will send the campership money to the camp. A campership will cover for half the cost - for a weekend or half week camp , up to $100, or up to $200 for a week long camp