Zion's New Cookbook

A cookbook filled with hundreds of old and new recipes from people you know.
A cookbook with recipes for the best of the things people bring to pot luck dinners.

A cookbook that stands up all by itself! -
New Zion Cookbooks! (Special Price)

If you liked Zion's Centennial Cookbook, you're going to love the updated version! It has all the delicious recipes from the old cookbook plus new recipes, kitchen tips, helpful hints, and generally useful kitchen information. New dessert recipes, new bars and cookies, new main dishes, new bread and muffin recipes,  a new section for recipes to feed a crowd - this is THE cookbook for your cookbook collection or as a gift for anyone who cooks or eats! At the holiday sale price of $10, it's a deal you can't afford to miss! Get your cookbooks from Ardy Becklin or Mary Anderson or from the church office.

Ooops - If you have already purchased a cookbook, please make these corrections: on page 46, please add 2 cups hot water to the first line of the Lemon Pie recipe, on page 142 please add 1 cup sugar to the sauce for the Suet Pudding, and on page 159 please add 3/4 cup water to the Broccoli Soup. Without the water, it may be Broccoli Casserole! And on page 180 in the recipe for Sweet and Sour Baked Beans - after you have browned the onions and added the brown sugar, etc., you need to cook the onion and brown sugar mixture covered for 20 minutes before you add the beans.